Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
August 6, 2003


Training is valuable for all members, whether they hold formal positions in the union or not. Both the CEIU and the PSAC offer courses in all regions of the country. Training offered by the CEIU can often be tailored to the needs of your local; contact the union staff representative responsible for your local to explore the options.

The PSAC education department provides a wide variety of training opportunities. Interested members can review the course offerings in their region here.

Education Equivalency of CEIU and PSAC Education Courses

If you, as a CEIU member, have taken the CEIU Local Administration course, it is considered to be equivalent to the PSAC Talking Union Basics (TUB) course. Therefore any courses offered by the PSAC having the TUB course as a pre-requisite are open to CEIU members who have successfully completed the Local Administration course.

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