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Support for Members

Help when you need it

The CEIU supports its members. Whether a problem applies to one member or many, support will be provided.

Support comes in many forms. At the local level, stewards and local union officers are available to discuss problems and represent members with local management. Further support is available from union staff representatives located in offices across the country. Senior elected officers of the CEIU are in place for every region in the country and the union maintains a national office in Ottawa where additional resources are available.

Getting help

If you need assistance, you should first contact a steward or local union officer where you work. They know the workplace and can provide a first line of support. If they need help with technical issues or special cases, they will work with union staff representatives in their area. Depending on the nature of the problem, they may also contact the senior elected officer in their region. Begin by seeking help from your local union; if more assistance is needed, it will be provided.

If help is not available where you work, contact us at Please ensure that you provide the province or territory where you live as well as a home e-mail address and/or telephone number. Alternatively, call the union office for your region.

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