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Members, stewards and local leaders all deserve support. CEIU offers assistance through its senior elected leaders, staff representatives and through the web.

In this section, guidance is provided for members and the stewards who assist them, and for local leaders who build and maintain the union at the local level. Members are also encouraged to visit the Resources section of this site for information on topics ranging from the collective agreement, staffing and classification to collective bargaining, human rights and health and safety.

Support for Membershelp when you need it

The CEIU supports its members. Whether a problem applies to one member or many, support will be provided.

Stewards Guides

In the course of your work as a steward, many questions will arise. The practical guides offered in this section of the website should help to answer at least some of those questions. Where they do not, speak with members of your local executive or contact the union staff representative responsible for your local.

Tools for Local Leaders

An effective local leader can deal with management and the needs of local members in a competent and confident manner. The material here will provide a start for newly-elected officers and a reference point for more experienced local leaders

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