Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
July 11, 2007

The new staffing system: summaries of tribunal decisions prepared by CEIU

CEIU members have lived with the new staffing system for about 18 months. In that time, the body responsible for hearing staffing complaints, the Public Service Staffing Tribunal (PSST), has rendered its first decisions. CEIU has prepared summaries of both final and interim decisions that will be of interest to stewards, local officers and members concerned with the new staffing process.

The new approach to staffing complaints is vastly different from that taken by the Appeal Boards of the past. The decision summaries provide a useful perspective on the new staffing system and the recourse available to members. They were prepared by Alan Lennon, Senior Union Representative at CEIU’s Toronto office. Regular updates will be provided.

The material is divided into interim and final decisions.

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