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March 25, 2011

Term staff cut in PEI as Service Canada continues reductions at Brudenell

Six terms will lose their jobs at the end of March at the claims facility of Brudenell in eastern PEI. Although two will be picked up at the CPP office in Charlottetown, the staff level in Brudenell has dropped from 43 to 25 since it opened in 1987. Throughout the country, the government has been pulling jobs out of smaller communities and centralizing operations in larger centres.

CEIU National Vice-President Donna MacDonald expressed concern for the long-term future of the Brudenell office, saying, “My fear is that the centre is going to close.” According to MacDonald, permanent jobs are left unfilled when workers leave, and while some of the work moves to Halifax, the work that remains has to be handled by fewer staff.

MP Lawrence MacAulay raised the issue with Minister Diane Finlay but was unable to sway her from the government’s plan to pull jobs and services out of rural areas in the country.

At a rally in Sault Ste. Marie over the same cuts in smaller northern Ontario communities, CEIU National President Jeannette Meunier-McKay reminded members about the switch in the government’s message about jobs in smaller communities. “Modern communications technology would save smaller communities, not hurt them. The technology would let E.I. claims and pension applications be processed anywhere, not just in the big offices in the south. Well, the technology didn’t change, but Service Canada’s thinking did.” Concerning the job losses in PEI, she went on to say, “The developments in PEI are part of the same approach we’ve seen in Ontario and elsewhere, and it shows how little the government cares about our smaller communities.”


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