Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
December 22, 2011

Marking a victory, applauding the effort that made it possible

More than 40 members in Bathurst, New Brunswick, were among those who successfully challenged the work description for the SDA-II job, and their local recently helped them celebrate. In addition to celebrating the victory, the local also took the opportunity to recognize the initiative shown by members to stand up and challenge an injustice.

The victory for staff in the SDA-II position was announced in July 2011 after a battle that had begun 15 years earlier. SDA-II’s had challenged their work description and were finally successful in having the employer recognize the contribution they were making to the CPP/OAS programs.

“It’s important to celebrate this victory,” said local president Nathalie Paulin, ”but equally important to recognize the value in taking collective action to make things right. There will be more issues in the future and members have to be ready to take a stand, just as the SDA-II’s did.”

At local 60254’s latest membership meeting there were cheers, smiles and cake to mark the SDA-II win. Across the country there are hundreds more SDA-II’s with something extra to cheer about this holiday season.

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