Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
July 21, 2011

Local and National action on the non-renewal of term staff

HRSDC is informing a number of CEIU term staff that their contracts will not be renewed, but the union is pushing back at the local and national levels.

In New Brunswick, Local 60269 President Stanley Theriault is working with NDP MP Yvon Godin over the loss of term staff in his office. In support of term staff Godin has written to HRSD Minister Finley.

At Local 60256 (Miramichi, New Brunswick), seven terms are losing their jobs. Scott Cowan, Local President, is drawing special attention to the effects of federal government job losses in an area of high unemployment.

National President Jeannette Meunier-McKay congratulated these local initiatives and encouraged locals elsewhere to follow their lead. “Taking issues to the local MP and raising the effect of job loss on the community are excellent ways of building pressure on the government to rethink their cuts,” she said, “and I urge locals elsewhere in the country to take similar action.”

The National President has written to Minister Finley to propose a freeze on term cuts until August 26. This would allow the union and the employer to meet “… to assess the need for term staff at locations across the country and to consider methods for matching term staff facing possible non-renewal to work opportunities elsewhere.”

“Job security is a critical issue for members,” said Meunier-McKay, “and it will always be a priority for the union.”

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