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Health and Safety References

If you are sitting on a health and safety committee, this page gives you many references to help you in the performance of your duties under the Canada Labour Code Part II (The Code).

For your first stop, you should look at the PSAC Health and Safety Tool Kit. This document gives the basics with regards to outlining roles and responsibilities, numerous specific references to The Code, forms, processes and templates.

You can find The Code on the Web site of Justice Canada or you can download it from CEIU in a PDF version here.

Another important reference is The NJC Occupational Health and Safety Directive that set out general principles on health and safety. You can download it from CEIU in a PDF here.

Most recently, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ), and CSA Group officially released Canada’s first national standard designed to help organizations and their employees improve workplace psychological health and safety. This is the National Standard of Canada for psychological health and safety in the workplace. The 60 pages standard document can be downloaded for free from CSA Group or Bureau de normalization du Québec. The CEIU hopes that the departments will implement it.

You can visit the PSAC Health and Safety Web page; it contains many other references covering more specific subjects such as:

  • Disease and illness
  • Chemical sensitivity;
  • PSAC Health and safety policy
  • Repetitive strain injury

Last but not least, there are other external links that provide you additional references on the matter.

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