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Health and Safety

Who would argue? Without your health, what remains may offer little consolation. Staying healthy and safe at work requires knowledge, awareness and action. This section provides information aimed at developing these qualities and is directed at all CEIU members.

To help with urgent situations, the first topic discussed is the right to refuse dangerous work. If you are facing this problem, go straight to this page for direct, step-by-step advice.

Next comes an overview of health and safety. The purpose here is to provide a starting point for members on their rights to a healthy and safe work place. It is in no way a substitute for training courses or the knowledge that comes from practical work on health and safety issues in your office.

Critical issues emerge from time to time. When they do, the union issues bulletins to alert members to the problems and to provide advice.

July 8, 2016

2017 PSAC National Equity Conferences

The PSAC’s 2017 National Equity Conferences will be held March 24 to 28, 2017 in Toronto.
January 7, 2014

PSAC Webinar: Bill C-4 Presentation

You missed the PSAC Webinar on Bill C-4 presented last December, 2013. It covered the main issues that Bill C-4 will bring in the very next future. You can watch its recorded version.
December 4, 2013

Harper Government putting worker’s lives in danger!

The Conservative government wants to water down the Canadian Labour Code. Join the Canadian Labour Congress Campaign.

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