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Employer Policies

The government of Canada has a multitude of policies that apply to CEIU members, but the purpose of this section is to highlight only those which are most frequently used. Questions about the interpretation of these policies should be directed to stewards, local officers or union staff representatives.

Policy on the Prevention and Resolution of Harassment in the Workplace

Note that this important policy is discussed extensively HERE.

Term employment policy

The term employment policy was recently revised after a union-management review of term employment. The most notable change to the policy is the provision that term employees will be appointed on an indeterminate basis after three years of continuous service in the same department. There are important criteria to be met in connection with the three year requirement, so affected members and their representatives should review the policy carefully.

Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service

This policy sets out the values that employees in the public service are expected to observe. In addition, it spells out measures around conflict of interest and post employment that members should follow. When the employer takes disciplinary action against members, that discipline will often be based on alleged violations of this Code. Members should take careful note of this Code to ensure that they do not inadvertently expose themselves to disciplinary sanction.

Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

In more popular terms, this Act deals with “whistleblowing”. Controversy continues to surround this policy, particularly regarding the level of protection employees enjoy if they disclose wrongdoing in the workplace. The union advocates strong protection for whistleblowers that should be enshrined in legislation rather than an employer policy. Members considering a disclosure on wrongdoing are strongly advised to study this policy carefully and discuss the matter in confidence with the union.

Directive on Leave and Special Working Arrangements


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