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Talk with those who have no collective agreement and you will often hear about a wide range of problems. Different pay rates for the same job, fewer leave entitlements and no protections against unfair disciplinary action are just a few of the common complaints. CEIU members, on the other hand, enjoy the benefits and protections of a collective agreement each day they work. Those advantages are not highly visible on a daily basis, but they should never be taken for granted.

Your current agreement

Your current agreement is available here. If you have questions regarding the interpretation of the agreement, speak to your steward or a member of your local executive. You may also find useful information in the section of this website titled Collective Agreement Interpretation.

May 31, 2017

Government Delaying Signing of New Collective Agreements

As if members have not had enough problems with Phoenix, they now must wait for the employer for the PA collective agreement go into effect. As mentioned on PSAC web site, PSAC is still waiting for the draft of the PA collective agreement, consequently its signature and most importantly, its come into effect date. More details on ...
June 17, 2016

PSAC encourages members to boycott Public Service Week

In light of the slow pace of negotiations with the new Liberal government, the PSAC is calling on members to boycott the government’s National Public Service Week to be held June 12-18 this year.
June 14, 2016

SMSM Grievances Update

Some of the files from the four thousand five hundred SMSM job description grievances at ESDC are moving on slowly, very slowly. PSLREB rendered some decisions on 4 of the job descriptions. The employer has reviewed and updated other job descriptions.

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