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Collective Agreement Interpretation

Working life can be complex and so can the collective agreement that regulates it. Sorting out what the contract means in any given situation is the job of stewards, officers and staff representatives. A grievance is typically filed in order to raise a question of interpretation, and if a satisfactory outcome is not found in the grievance procedure, the case will often be referred to adjudication. At adjudication, a neutral third party will hear the case and impose a decision that is binding on the union and the employer.

The pages in this section of the website discuss issues of contract interpretation. Adjudication decisions on matters of interest to the broad membership are considered in a series of case reviews. In addition, information of a more general nature on the subject of interpretation is offered to assist members, stewards and local officers in learning more about their collective agreement.

May 31, 2017

Government Delaying Signing of New Collective Agreements

As if members have not had enough problems with Phoenix, they now must wait for the employer for the PA collective agreement go into effect. As mentioned on PSAC web site, PSAC is still waiting for the draft of the PA collective agreement, consequently its signature and most importantly, its come into effect date. More details on ...
May 21, 2011

Service Canada fails in its duty to accommodate, adjudicator awards grievor $18,000

In a decision that found Service Canada guilty of failing to accommodate an employee’s physical disability, a Public Service Labour Relations Board adjudicator has awarded $8,000 for pain and suffering and a further $10,000 for “clearly reckless conduct” by the employer.
March 17, 2011

Personal productivity and the right to overtime work

The employer has been handed another defeat to its effort to restrict overtime opportunities based on productivity. In 2007, CEIU members successfully grieved a management decision to deny their entire office the right to overtime work because of alleged unacceptable productivity. However, the employer shifted its ground to say that overtime could be denied to ...

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