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Benefits are a significant portion of your total compensation package. The information presented in these pages gives a summary of the major benefits enjoyed by members of the CEIU. It also provides information about how the union can help with problems you may encounter with benefit claims.

In addition to the benefits you receive through the employer, the union provides members with benefits that range from home and auto insurance at competitive rates to scholarships. If you have questions, contact your steward or local executive officer for further information.

May 31, 2017

Government Delaying Signing of New Collective Agreements

As if members have not had enough problems with Phoenix, they now must wait for the employer for the PA collective agreement go into effect. As mentioned on PSAC web site, PSAC is still waiting for the draft of the PA collective agreement, consequently its signature and most importantly, its come into effect date. More details on ...
June 17, 2016

Fix Phoenix

The federal government is responsible for paying public service workers on time for the work they do. Unfortunately, the new Phoenix pay system is not working and hurting many public service workers. It is also putting excessive stress on the employees who process pay under the new system.
April 17, 2014

Sick Leave: Let’s Compare Apples with Apples 2

There is no doubt, when the Harper government is providing figures about sick leave, this government is comparing apples with oranges. A report from PBO confirmed it.

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