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From staffing issues, benefits and classification to collective agreement entitlements, many questions can arise for CEIU members. The Resources section of this website provides information and guidance on a wide range of subjects. If you need further assistance, please contact your local steward or the CEIU regional office responsible for your office.

Collective Agreement

Your current agreement is available here. If you have questions regarding the interpretation of the agreement, speak to your steward or a member of your local executive. You may also find useful information in the section of this website titled Collective Agreement Interpretation.

Collective Agreement Interpretation

Working life can be complex and so can the collective agreement that regulates it. Sorting out what the contract means in any given situation is the job of stewards, officers and staff representatives.

Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining sets the terms and conditions of our employment including important matters such as pay, leave entitlements and hours of work. For a union, collective bargaining is a key activity that must involve all of its members to be successful. Rank and file members, bargaining teams and senior leaders must work effectively to present the union as a serious and capable organization at the bargaining table.


Few issues in working life are as important as classification. When your job is under-classified, you do not receive the pay you deserve. And when the employer’s classification system is faulty, everyone’s job may be improperly valued.


For those who receive promotions, either acting or permanent, the rewards are significant: advancement on a career path, more challenging work, better pay. For those who are not successful, the reality is quite different. And when staffing decisions lack integrity, many members suffer – not just a few. Taking action to ensure fairer staffing is a key part of building a better workplace.

Health and Safety

Who would argue? Without your health, what remains may offer little consolation. Staying healthy and safe at work requires knowledge, awareness and action.

Human Rights

Respect for human rights is critical to workplace fairness, and the pursuit of human rights takes many shapes. The struggle — and eventual victory — for pay equity is an outstanding example of salary fairness in the workplace.


Harassment is an unacceptable workplace practice and your union will support your efforts to deal with it.


Benefits are a significant portion of your total compensation package.

In addition to the benefits you receive through the employer, the union provides members with benefits that range from home and auto insurance at competitive rates to scholarships.

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