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September 21, 2016

2016 CEIU National Scholarship Awards

This year, CEIU received a total of 17 applications from across the country. The Orientation Committee reviewed all the applications and selected the following people to each receive a $2,000 CEIU National Scholarship.

Adam Manuel, the son of member Ellen Manuel of Newfoundland and Labrador, is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Program at the Memorial University in St.John’s. He is considering a career in Science and Computer Science with a view of teaching science and technology at the high school level. He has been an instructor with the Army Cadets for several years and won his corps Top Instructor in 2014.

Andrew MacLeod is the son of member Sheila MacLeod of Nova Scotia. He is enrolled in a Business Program at the Cape Breton University in Sydney. His career plan is to focus on the business sector. He has volunteered at his local YMCA working with youngsters of all ages.

Anne Levesque, the daughter of member Joan Sutton of Québec is enrolled in a Kinesiology Program at Laval University in Québec City. She wants to be a kinesiologist in her native region Gaspésie. She was involved in raising funds for the disabled in her community and volunteered in summer camps.

Frédérik Daniel, the son of member Guy Daniel of Québec, is doing his Master’s in civil engineering at Sherbrooke University. He hopes to work for a consulting engineering firm in doing seismic analysis of steel building. He is an executive member of the Sherbrooke University student chapter of Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.

Hélène Méthot, the daughter of member François Méthot in Québec, is enrolled in a hearing aid program at the Cégep de la Pocatière. She wants to work in a regional clinic, but would ultimately like to have her own. She was involved with Children’s Wish Foundation to help sick children live their dream.

Ian Lumsden, the son of member Heather Lumsden of Manitoba, is enrolled a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice at the University of Winnipeg. Since his childhood, he has always wanted to be in the law enforcement field. He has participated at Jubille Mennonite Church’s J Club Kids Drop in which is a program to coach kids in both hockey and soccer clubs.

CEIU member Kersten Wuthrich of British Columbia is enrolled in 2 programs. There’s a Certificate in Special Education from the University of Victoria and Certificate in Technology-Based Learning from Athabasca Universtiy. She has been the co-chair of a committee that successfully raised $50,000 and has sponsored a refugee family from Syria to resettle in Canada. She has been working for Service Canada for 4 years.

Marc-Antoine Bélair, the son of member Lisa Boisvert in Québec, is enrolled in electrical training at the Centre de Fromation Professionel de l’Outaouais in Gatineau. He wants to install, maintain and repair production machinery and equipment. This would be in the industry producing and distributing electricity. He wants to continue his involvement as a coach in soccer, soft ball and, most of all, in hockey.

Mikaela Labelle, the daughter of member Gisèle Labelle of Ontario, is enrolled in a Criminology and Criminal Justice Program with a concentration in Sociology at Carleton University in Ottawa. She plans to pursue an additional minor in Laws and Legal Studies. She has volunteered for the Annual Kichissippi Run and also the Terry Fox run.

Samara Natalee Brown, the daughter of member Kerry Brown of Ontario, is pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts dance program at York University. Having a degree in dance would assist her in pursuing her career plan of being a dance specialist. In high school, she was nominated head captain and choreographer in her school cheerleading team leading a group of 30 girls at large sporting events.

Samara Pereles, the daughter of member Pam Pereles in Manitoba, is enrolled in biochemistry program at of the University of Winnipeg. She wants to continue her education at a medical school. She volunteered at the Seven Oaks Hospital, at the Winnipeg Harvest, and in a young adult community fitness program.

CEIU member Sandra Parisien of Ontario has started the Leadership Development Series program from St.Laurence College. She feels that this program will help her further her career to positions such as Team Leader or Business Expertise Advisor. She has held the positions of Vice President and Treasurer of CEIU Local 621.

Sara Kaufmann, the daughter of member Connie Kaufmann of British Columba, is enrolled in the Music Theatre Program at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto. She hopes to attend university to obtain a degree to pursue her passion for the performing arts as well her love for peacekeeping.  She has helped organise various activities such as Multicultural Day and has been a youth facilitator with the Canadian Red Cross.

Stéphanie Lim, the daughter of member Toon Kim Lin of British Columba, is enrolled in a Political Science Program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She hopes to become a policy analyst for international development. She is a contributing writer for the Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Cultural Association which is an association for South-East Asian immigrants to meet up and get to know one another.

CEIU would like to thank everyone for sending in their applications and would like to take this time to wish everyone the best of luck in their studies.

Don’t miss the callout for the 2017 CEIU National Scholarships. Check our website at in order to apply for next year’s scholarships being offered by CEIU. The callout should be posted on our website by mid-May 2017.

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