Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
January 19, 2018

National Executive Minutes

At the October 2017 National Executive (NE) meeting, a decision was made that, as always, the minutes of each National Executive meeting should be available to our membership.

As a greening initiative, instead of sending out hard copies of the NE minutes to each local, CEIU will now provide access to those minutes to all CEIU Local Executives. Should you, as a member of CEIU, wish to read or view the minutes of the National Executive meetings, please contact a member of your Local Executive.

It can take up to six (6) months before access to the most recent minutes is provided because they must be approved by the National Executive, at the next NE meeting.  With only two (2) meetings per year, meetings of the NE are held in the Spring and in the Fall, usually in March-April and September-October.

However, after each National Executive meeting, and in order to provide our members with up to date information on the work of their Union Leadership, CEIU will post on their website a summary of the meeting as well as the following reports:

Your CEIU National Executive is hard at work for each of its members.  Don’t hesitate to contact your respective National Executive Vice-President(s) and/or your Regional Union Office.

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