Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
July 21, 2005

Dealing with environmental sensitivities

Increasing numbers of members are having adverse reactions to common substances in their everyday environment. Perfumes, air fresheners and aftershave can trigger reactions ranging from shortness of breath and nausea to headaches and fatigue. CEIU is pursuing the issue of environmental sensitivities and is offering specific advice to affected members.

In a recent meeting of the HRSDC National Policy Health and Safety Committee, the department, following the advice of the Treasury Board, refused to recognize environmental sensitivities as a health and safety issue. Instead, the Treasury Board recognizes individual cases of environmental sensitivity as properly resolved through the duty to accommodate.

The CEIU and the PSAC both view environmental sensitivities as a health and safety issue. The PSAC is in the process of developing a full policy on the subject and will then approach the Treasury Board for further discussion. In the meantime, both the CEIU and the PSAC advise members affected by environmental sensitivities to take up their cases via the duty to accommodate. Additional help is available through the CEIU staff representative responsible for your local.

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