Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
February 12, 2014

What the Union Can Do

We hear often, what is the union doing for me? To phrase is somewhat differently, don’t ask what the union can do for you, but what can you do for your union.

The membership is the bedrock of the union. Like public servants are there to provide services to Canadians, the union is there to provide services to its membership. Still, without membership support, the union cannot do it alone.  Members must be active to support their union, and subsequently their own cause.

Of course CEIU union leaders will provide direction and do their best to help members. CEIU staff provide advice, support and the overall administration for the members and operation of the organization, but ultimately, the members provide the “fuel” through their involvement and actions.

There are numerous ways to get involved within CEIU:

There are still more opportunities to support the union cause and your fellow brothers and sisters in the labour movement:

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