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April 17, 2014

Validation and Update of Hours of Work for Part-Time Employees

Part time employees are often working beyond their contractual hours (or working agreement) and in some cases even full time. When this happens, their manager should revise their “assigned hours” in order for these employees to be entitled to their full benefits.

“Assigned hours” means the number of hours per week that a part-time employee will normally be expected to work as per their contract (or working agreement). The Compensation Unit calculates employee benefits and entitlements, such as pension, leave and insurance based on the assigned hours. If employees work extra hours, obviously the employer pays them, but the benefits and entitlements are not adjusted accordingly. Compensation needs the proper documentation to make the appropriate changes.

That’s why when managers plan to or do increase the effective working hours for some periods, they should advise Compensation accordingly. As per Treasury Board Secretariat notice on its Web site changes will not be made retroactively.

As part-time employees, when working additional hours on top of assigned hours, it would important to double-check with your supervisor that management makes the changes when applicable. This will help ensure full benefits entitlement.

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