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July 18, 2013

Update on the WFA

The Work Force Adjustment (WFA) has had a huge impact on CEIU members. Many situations are now resolved, but there are still some remaining ones that affect everyone and still require attention.

As many as 4,263 of our members received a WFA letter since 2012. More that 50% of them can breathe easier since their situation is resolved. They either found another job within the government or someone opted with them, thus securing their employment. CEIU lost 1067 members directly because of WFA. These counts for 25% of the affected members and they either retired or left by taking the Transition Support Measure (TSM). There are 1003 members who are still in an affected status, have had the work unit relocated, did not receive a RJO or still need to make a choice on their opting status. You can see more detailed numbers by department on our Web site on the WFA Snapshot page. Unfortunately, CEIU continues to receive WFA notices sporadically. It is usually only a handful of members, but this shows that it is not over.

It appears that the cuts were welcomed by some because these members took advantage of the TSM and retired or left the government. Timing for them was everything. On the other hand, the current situation for the “survivors” is not that rosy. The Harper government is still in power and does not intend to stop its attacks on public servants. There is also in the increasing workload that pressures everyone in the workplace. We constantly hear that members are desperate.

Last but not least, for those of you who are determinedly looking for alternation, you need to persevere. As you may remember, PSAC won a significant victory on alternation. In its decision, PSLRB recognized that participating in the alternation process means there must be a genuine willingness by the employer to assist employees seeking to alternate and it must consider proposed alternations within the framework of the Work Force Adjustment Appendix (WFAA). If refused, you should contact your Local Executive, an NVP in your region or your CEIU Regional Union Office for advice.  PSAC is also conducting a survey to identify individuals or groups of individuals who may still face problems with alternation. Just go on PSAC Web site to answer its survey.

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