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August 14, 2015

Update on the Service Canada CR-04 SMSM grievances (SMSM-1102)

Board of referees assistants case

The hearing before the Classification Committee was held in Ottawa on Tuesday, March 28th, 2015. The members of the Classification Grievance Settlement Committee handed down their decision on July 3rd, 2015. Their consensus view was that the board of referees assistant position must be classified at the CR-04 group and level. The committee consequently recommended that the positions covered by the grievance be classified as CR-04 for the period from February 11th, 2002 to December 31st, 2013. This decision is final and binding and cannot be modified unless there is a major change in the duties of the position and such change will not happen since the position was abolished further to the introduction of the Social Security Tribunal. The total evaluation rating is 549 (the CR-04 level is between 451 and 580), which is the same as we had. Further to this decision, the case of the board of referees assistants classification under the structural model is closed.

The 23 members of the Québec Region who are directly affected by classification grievance CSD-2011-00018 have been informed by the employer of the committee’s decision on or around July 6th, 2015. It must be remembered that this decision applies to the structural model case because the employer had agreed to withdraw generic job description 2NA00735 and to replace it with the June 25th, 2010 job description. The latter is the job description that was evaluated by the Classification Grievance Settlement Committee.

In closing, CEIU would like to thank sister France Nadeau (Local 10462), one of the grievors, for the colossal amount of work that she put into the case these past years. We also want to thank the grievors who took part in the work of the union working group since 2009. Lastly, we thank Sister Marlène DeVeth, of the PSAC, for her work and representation before the Classification Committee.

ISP SDO 1 grievance and CGIO (enquiry clerks) grievance

The other two cases affected by the CR-04 structural model grievance are slowly moving forward. The National Union Representative has carried out a great deal of follow-up in the past months and years. However, we are still waiting for ESDC to provide the job descriptions revised further to the grievances allowed in March 2013. As soon as there are concrete developments, CEIU Regional Offices will be informed so that they may forward the information to the Locals involved.

We wish to point out that these two cases are independent of the board of referees assistant case.

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