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September 25, 2017

United we stand, united we’re strong: no to violence!

Further to the burning, on August 6th, 2017, of the car of our brother Mohamed Labadi, President of the Québec City Islamic Cultural Centre (CCIQ), we the members of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU), and especially his brothers and sisters in Québec, wish to take a stand.

We firmly state that under no circumstances will we tolerate that heinous and degrading acts be committed in order to affirm an opinion.

We sympathize with the victim and cannot remain silent in the face of this cowardly and deplorable attack.

We believe that all women and men, whatever their ethnic origin, their religious or spiritual creed and their social group, have a fundamental right to be protected against any act violating their dignity.

Since Québec society is characterized by its multiethnic cultural plurality, we should all make it a priority to strive to live together in conciliation and with the greatest respect.

We wish to say to Mr. Mohamed Labadi and his family as well as to the members of the CCIQ that we are not only behind you but also at your side in condemning these ill-intentioned acts.

We urge all labour and political actors, whatever their allegiance, and the influential members of all organizations to support our position of zero tolerance with respect to any type of violence.

Let us join our voices with that of Mr. Labadi and remain steadfast in our beliefs so that no person may impose his or her spitefulness upon us in any way.

In solidarity,

Eric John Horacius

CEIU Local 10459
Québec Region Human Rights/Race Relations Representative

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