Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
July 19, 2012

Tony Clements receives his affected letter

On Friday July 13, 2012 Tony Clement made an appearance in Brandon Manitoba which gave us an opportunity to speak with him and hand him his affected letter along with the MP Merv Tweed.

We asked him about the cuts to the public service as well as to the reason EI was leaving the province. Tony Clement stated that we have to be putting it in perspective. It was tough times and if we were in the UK it would be in the 50 thousands that would be laid off. Note: There are 29 million civil servants in the UK. He stated most affected people only received affected letters and most will keep their jobs. Reminded the minister that EI was leaving Manitoba and some people will not have employment unless they move. Judy told Clements she was an affected employee that she would not have employment in Brandon.

Tony Clement made a speech about what was occurring in the Westman area and what a wonderful job Merv was doing. It felt more of a campaign/damage control speech.

In Solidarity,

Susan Norman
NVP – Manitoba Region

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