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April 23, 2018

Summary of the March 2018 National Executive Meeting

The minutes of the November 29th, 2017 and January 25th, 2018 National Executive meetings were approved and are now available on the CEIU website to all CEIU Local Executives. Any member of CEIU who wishes to read or view the minutes should contact a member of their Local Executive.

Invitations had been sent to the three employers (ESDC, IRCC and IRB) to come and address the National Executive on March 16th. Both ESDC and IRB accepted the invitation from the National President but unfortunately, no one from IRCC was available on that day and declined the invitation.

A good part of the 2nd day of meeting was held in-camera to discuss the Report of the Service Needs Delivery Committee, as well as staffing issues.

The By-Laws Committee recommended that four (4) resolutions that they had prepared be submitted to the 2020 CEIU Convention. These four (4) resolutions were approved by the National Executive and will be submitted for the 2020 CEIU Convention.

Changes to CEIU Regulation 24 were also made.

The 2017 Audited Financial Statements and a budget analysis were presented by the Finance Committee.

The Mental Health Committee made recommendations for the National Executive’s approval. One of the recommendation that was approved was that all members of Workplace Health and Safety Committees and Policy Committees receive training on the cooperative approach.

The National President provided an update on the upcoming PSAC National Triennial Convention. CEIU will have 48 delegates and 31 observers in attendance.

The following reports submitted to the March 2018 National Executive meeting can be read by clicking on the respective report

From the National President
Report from the National President March 2018
National President Activity report

From the National Executive Vice-President
NEVP Report March 2018
NEVP Activity report (bil.)

Reports of the National Vice-Presidents received:
NVP for Human Rights – Sebastian Rodrigues
NVP for IRCC – Paul Croes
NVP for IRB – Marco Angeli
NVP for BC/Yukon – Vanessa Miller
NVP for Manitoba/Saskatchewan – Dwight McLeod
NVP for Ontario – Nicole Ma
NVP for NCR – Jacques Perrin
NVP for Quebec – Lyne Cartier
NVP for NB/PEI – Rhonda Rumson
NVP for NL/NS – Debbie Morris
NVP for Women’s Issues – Western Region – Lynda MacLellan

The next meeting of the National Executive is scheduled for October 11th to 14th, 2018.

Your CEIU National Executive is hard at work for each and everyone of its members. Do not hesitate to contact your respective National Executive Vice-President(s) and/or your Regional Union Office.

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