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July 17, 2013

SMSM Grievances Update

Some of the files from the four thousand five hundred Service Management Structural Model “SMSM” job description (JD) grievances are moving on. Two JD grievances are right at the adjudication hearing level before the Public Service Labour Relations Board (PSLRB). A review committee at HRSDC has been reviewing a JD. Here are the details on these files:

At the PSLRB, there is no other SMSM JD grievance hearing scheduled for the next 6 months. Neither CEIU nor PSAC has any control on the PSLRB hearing schedule. The timeframe to get through the process is at least two years.

As a reminder about the grievances allowed, the employer has put in place a committee to review the two (2) grievances allowed and the two (2) grievances partially allowed. CEIU anticipates that the job descriptions will be modified. During that revision process CEIU will be involved with the job description review, this includes some work on modified draft job descriptions and an opportunity to comment. The modified job descriptions will go through classification to be ultimately approved by management. Finally, the employer will present the revised job descriptions to the employees. We do not know if there will be any modification of the classification level on the four (4) job descriptions

Here is a recap of the current situation with all these job description grievances:

Grievances Denied

Grievances Allowed

Grievances Partially Allowed

Grievances Withdrawn

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