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November 5, 2013

Service Canada – SMSM – Review and Update of PM-01s across Regions

On November 5, Service Canada will release 3 revised PM-01 generic work descriptions (GWD) across Canada. They are part of the Service Management Structural Model (SMSM). When they were first released in 2008, almost 1900 of our members grieved them.

These GWDs cover the following positions:

ESDC informed CEIU about the process, but didn’t invite CEIU to participate in the review of these 3 GWDs.

Currently, the CSO (SMSM-1105) and PSO (SMSM-1104) grievances are in PSAC hands to be dealt at adjudication level. The ISO (SMSM-1103) grievance was allowed in 2012 and was not directed to PSAC for adjudication purposes.
Next steps and options

CEIU will resume the grievance working groups formed a few years ago to handle the SMSM grievances linked to these 3 GWDs.

For the CSO (SMSM-1105) and PSO (SMSM-1104), the working groups will provide comments to PSAC for analysis in preparation for the adjudication hearing of the 2008 grievances.  The grievances filed in 2008 continue to be valid and on-going.

For the ISO (SMSM-1103), the working group will provide comments to CEIU giving guidance on the merits of grieving.  If ever some members file work description grievances, an NUR will lead the grievance process at the 3rd level. Members who believe their GWD is not appropriate need to file an individual or group grievance (within their workplace) through their Locals. Since it is a GWD, Labour Relations will forward any job description grievances to 3rd level.

For the 3 positions (SCO, PSO and ISO), members have the right to file grievances about their classification. 2008 classification grievances will stay distinct from the grievances that could be filed in 2013.

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