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November 14, 2013

Service Canada – SMSM – Review and Update of PM-01s across Regions – Update on the Current Situation

During the week of November 4th, Service Canada released 3 revised PM-01 generic work descriptions (GWD) across Canada. These GWDs cover the following positions:

CEIU was hoping that these GWDs would cover all PM-01 duties performed by these members. From the feedback we received from the regions, that is not the case. Many members told us that the revised GWD are worse (even having fewer elements) than the ones they received in 2008.

As mentioned last week, the CSO (SMSM-1105) and PSO (SMSM-1104) grievances are in PSAC hands to be dealt with at the adjudication level. The ISO (SMSM-1103) grievance was allowed in 2012 and was not directed to PSAC for adjudication purposes.

Next steps and options

GWD Grievance
For the PM-01s who are not satisfied with their GWD and who believe it is incomplete, they need to grieve if they want their rights protected within 25 working days. This applies for the 3 positions: CSO, PSO and ISO. CEIU will resume the grievance working groups put in place a few years ago to handle the SMSM grievances linked to these 3 GWDs.

For the CSO (SMSM-1105) and PSO (SMSM-1104), the working groups will provide comments to PSAC for analysis in preparation for the adjudication hearing of the 2008 grievances. The adjudication hearings have not been scheduled and it appears that the hearing sessions will not be before the summer 2014. The 2013 GJD grievances will be put in abeyance pending the result of the adjudication hearings of the 2008 grievances.

For the ISO (SMSM-1103), the working group will provide comments to the NUR who will lead the 3rd level hearing.

For all 3 groups we suggest that members contact their Locals to file a group grievance(s). Locals should ensure that grievances are filed by position separately. Since it is a GWD, Labour Relations will forward any job description grievances to 3rd level. We anticipate that there won’t be any hearings before the end of the current year.

Members can start looking at their GWD to note what is missing or needs to be changed. Later on, CEIU will give further direction on how the feedback on the GWDs will be collected at national level.

Classification Grievance
For the 3 positions (SCO, PSO and ISO), members have the right to file a grievance about their classification level within 35 calendar days. 2008 classification grievances will stay distinct from the grievances that are filed in 2013. If they want to grieve, we suggest that members contact their Local to file a group grievance.

Other information
Ensure to write the GWD number on the grievance form and have only 1 GWD per form (You should not have CSO, PSO and ISO members on the same form):

Link to the forms

Recommended grievance wording


  1. We grieve the employer‘s failure to provide us with a complete and current statement of duties and responsibilities. This violates Article 54.01 of our collective agreement.
  2. Corrective action requested: That we be provided with a complete and current statement of the duties of our position, effective September 2006.


  1. We grieve the classification of our position.
  2. Corrective Action Requested: That our position be reclassified upwards effective September 2006.

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