Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
November 20, 2017

Results of elections – Delegates to the 2018 PSAC Convention

With the elections now completed, below are the names of CEIU members who have been elected to represent CEIU at the 2018 PSAC Convention.

For BC/Yukon

Deb Foster, Local 20941
Christine Walker, Local 20947
James Brierley, Local 20947

For Alberta/NWT/Nunavut

Niru Channan, Local 30851
Lynn Richards, Local 30851

For Manitoba/Saskatchewan

Chris Gardiner, Local 40811
Karine Drobko, Local 50767

For Ontario

Julian Jeganathan, Local 638
Brad Stoodley, Local 621
Paula Woodcock, Local 647
Sara Beth Johnson, Local 581
Valerie Fargey, Local 570
Diana Tominac, Local 570

For the NCR

Julia Duckworth, Local 70705
Les Maiczan, Local 70709
Daniel Carrière, Local 70708
Tony Nicolas, Local 70704

For Quebec

Isabelle Crisafi, Local 10452
Sonia Bellevue, Local 10406
Mamadou Ndiaye, Local 10472
Judith Côté, Local 10328


Farid Tourkmani, Local 60262

For Newfoundland/Labrador/Nova Scotia

Allison Doyle, Local 90113
Melissa Thomas, Local 90113

These 24 elected members, will be joined by the National Executive as well as by two (2) members of the Human Rights/Race Relations Committee: Sister Judy Phillips and Brother Chris Davis.

A total of 42 delegates, plus your CEIU National President, will be representing CEIU at the 2018 PSAC Convention.

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