Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
August 21, 2018

Personal email needed – Upcoming elections at CEIU

In mid-September 2018, CEIU will be holding electronic elections to elect the following positions that are presently vacant and for which we received more than one nomination before the deadline date of August 15th:

Local Executive members may be approaching their members to verify or to ask for their personal email addresses.  CEIU needs to update their database in the hopes of ensuring that all eligible members are entitled to vote in either one or both of the above-mentioned elections.  Without a personal email address on file with CEIU, members might not receive their PIN # to vote.

Members can also call the CEIU National Office at 1-855-271-3848 or their Regional Union Office to provide their updated personal information.

Each entitled member’s vote counts.  Make yours count by ensuring that CEIU has your correct information to reach you.


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