Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
April 3, 2017

A New Beginning: CEIU Post Trusteeship

Today, as we emerge from trusteeship, Crystal and I want to thank our activists for their dedication to the members of CEIU throughout the past year. We know how incredibly challenging the events over the last 13 months have been, and we cannot thank you enough for continuing to ensure the representation of our members.

We want all members of CEIU, and our staff, to know that we have learned many lessons over the past year. But there are some guiding principles that we never forgot; that our primary focus here at CEIU is providing the best possible service to you, our members.

To that end, over the last several weeks, Crystal and I have spent countless hours together, working to transition our union into a new era of activism, and to prepare ourselves for our new roles. Our work has only begun, as we welcome the newly elected National Vice-Presidents. Together, along with our staff and elected leadership, we will work in solidarity on your behalf.

We have embarked on a review of the way in which we administer our grievances, the manor in which we are internally structured, and our communication strategies. Ultimately, we seek to improve the quality of service that our members receive from their union. And as with all grassroots movements, this cannot be achieved without ensuring the strength of our front lines – our locals. These focuses will play a central part to our priorities over the next 3.5 years.

CEIU welcomes our 40th anniversary as a union this November, and we look forward to celebrating a new era of activism with our members.

Onwards and upwards, sisters and brothers.

In Solidarity,
Eddy Bourque, National President &
Crystal Warner, National Executive Vice-President

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