Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
November 2, 2017

National Executive meet in Ottawa for their 2017 Fall meeting

The CEIU National Executive met in Ottawa from October 13th to 15th, 2017 for its Fall meeting. All members of the Executive were in town two days prior to the start of their meeting so that they could have a full day with their respective Standing Committees as well as attend a one-day meeting with all CEIU staff.

On their first day of meeting, the National Executive participated in a rally in front of the Prime Minister’s Office during their lunch hour, to show their support for members dealing with Phoenix issues. The rally was attended by a few hundred federal public servants protesting to get the Phoenix pay system fix.

It was agreed at this meeting that all the Reports of the National Vice-Presidents would be translated and posted on our website to be shared will all CEIU members across the country.

The By-Laws Committee were the first Standing Committee to present their report with recommendations, followed by the Finance Committee. A budget analysis and the revised budget for 2017 was presented and approved by the National Executive, as well as allowing all the training funds to be carried over until the end of December 2018.

Local 70705, an IRCC local in the NCR was removed from Trusteeship and approval was given for some members from another local in the same region to create their own local due to recent changes to the reporting structure.

Based on the recommendations of the Orientation and Communications Committee, scholarships of $2,000 to each of the 31 recipients were approved. The recipients of the 2017 CEIU Scholarship awards will be advised in due course.

The newly created Mental Health Standing Committee presented part of their report with recommendations.

With not enough time to go through all of the Reports of the Standing Committee as well as the remaining items on the approved agenda, the National Executive agreed to have a face to face meeting in Ottawa on November 29th, 2017 while the members of the Executive were in town for the PSAC Leadership Training which begins on November 30th.

To view the Report of the National President, click here.
To view the Report of the National Executive Vice-President, click here.
To view the Reports of the National Vice-Presidents, click here.

The minutes of the October 2017 National Executive meeting will be available on the CEIU website as soon as they are approved by the National Executive at the November 29th, 2017 meeting along with all of the Reports of the Standing Committees.

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