Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
February 23, 2016

National Capital Region undertakes a blitz to sign RAND members

With over 590 rand members in the NCR, membership cards have been sent out to employees at the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) and at the Employment, Workforce Development and Labour (EWDL – formerly known as ESDC), Service Canada, who belong to the Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU) so that employees who have not yet signed a union membership card, can do so and be considered a full member and no longer considered a rand member.

A rand member is an employee of a unionized environment that refuses to sign a union membership card, but still pays union dues which is mandatory regardless of the employee`s union status. Rand members enjoy all the basic rights and privileges that unionized employees have through their collective agreements, with some limitations.

With this ‘rand blitz’ members are now signing their union membership card but questioning why they simply cannot submit a scanned version of their signed card, instead of returning their original signed membership card. In answer to this is simple. The originally signed application for membership card is the only evidence of union membership that is accepted by the vast majority of labour relations tribunals across Canada. Until such time as the labour relations boards recognize viable electronic application for membership as valid evidence of union membership, we must continue to require the original signature of the member.

From this picture, it clearly shows that the blitz in the NCR is working and employees are signing their membership cards and returning them to CEIU for processing. Hopefully other regions will follow so that CEIU can have the number of ‘rand members’ reduced.

Thanks to Jacques Perrin, the NVP and his alternates, Claude Mayer, Margarita Faundez and Daniel Carrière for their initiative.

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