Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
June 29, 2012

Minister Diane Finley presented with her own affected letter


Donna MacDonald, the National Vice-President for PEI received information that Minister Finley was arriving in PEI by air from Halifax on June 28th.  “One of the advantages of having a small region is that it’s very easy to meet someone at the airport as we have just a few flights a day from Halifax and we have just one arrival gate” said MacDonald.  Sister MacDonald went on to add that she had been very fortunate in the fact that Minister Finley arrived on the first flight shortly before 9:00 a.m.   


Sister MacDonald had prepared an affected letter for Minister Finley.  Upon her arrival at the airport, Sister MacDonald walked up to the Minister, called her name, offered her hand and welcomed her to PEI.   This was followed by Sister MacDonald stating “On behalf of more than 50 HRSDC/Service Canada employees on PEI, over 400 in the Atlantic and more than 1900 nationally, I am presenting this affected letter to you.”  She went on to add that the letter was also being given out to her on behalf of the PEI seniors and seasonal workers. 


Sister MacDonald indicated to Minister Finley at the same time that she had made a request to Minister’s Finley’s office in Ottawa requesting a meeting.  The request was received by her office but Sister MacDonald added “that she had yet to receive a response”.  Minister Finley responded “that is unfortunate”. 


Sister MacDonald thanked the Minister for her time, turned her back on her and left.

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