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April 21, 2012

Message from John Gordon on cuts to jobs and services

I want you to know that PSAC is standing up for you at this difficult time. This government wants to cut thousands of jobs and the services you provide. We are doing everything we can to stop these cuts and to lessen the impact on you – our members – and on the public you serve.

We are working to protect your rights at work. Your collective agreements contain clear commitments on your rights and employer obligations around workforce adjustment. Your local union representative can help if you have received an ‘affected’ notice, as can your Component, or the PSAC regional office closest to you. We also have PSAC’s guide to the WFA and other tools on our web site to ensure you know your rights and options. You are not alone – help is available to you throughout this process.

We know that this government is making the wrong choices at the wrong time. That’s why we are challenging these cuts by ensuring Canadians understand the very real impact on the services they rely upon. We will continue to track the impact of these cuts and we will continue to hold this government accountable for the consequences of its actions.

Some of you are courageously speaking out – in the media and at public events – about the ways that these cuts are affecting your families, communities, and the services you provide. You have the right to speak out on political issues, especially if you hold an elected position within PSAC, and we are committed to protecting your right to tell the truth about your experiences.

We must work together to help our members impacted by these cuts, and we must continue to challenge the attempted dismantling of our public services. These are difficult times. Moving forward, our unity and solidarity will be our greatest strength.

In Solidarity,

John Gordon signature

John Gordon
National President

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