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January 27, 2012


This bulletin is designed to assist the Local Officers in their functions.  The National Office has prepared an information package which will answer the most often raised questions on the following items:

1- Local audited financial statement
2- Membership:  Changes to the Local dues rate/Dues rate calculation/ Regarding Dues/Address Changes
3- How to read your Local Printout
4- Affiliation to Provincial Federations of Labour
5- Affiliation to District Labour Councils
6- Internet Subsidy

1- Local Audited Financial Statement

Locals must provide the National Office with their 2011 audited financial statement no later than March 1, 2012.  It should be prepared in a manner prescribed by the CEIU Local rule R13.4.  Listed are the key points to help prepare your Financial Statement:

An acceptable auditor(s) is any member or members that is or are not part of the Executive for that Local.  The auditor or auditors may be someone from outside the Local if no member or members can be found to perform the audit.

Failure to provide any of the following will result in dues being withheld by the National Office.    

* Link to an example

2- Membership:

Change to the Local Dues rate –

Locals must provide the National Office with a written request to change the percentage of dues rate.  Locals may change their dues rate any time during the year. There is a requirement of two months notice for Public Works and Government Services Canada to implement the change on the worker’s paycheck. Listed are the key points to help prepare your request:

*To facilitate the conversion the National Office will do the calculations.

Dues rate calculation –

PSAC:   The percentage of the monthly membership dues are .896300% plus $1.00 for the strike fund. The dues are decided at the PSAC Conventions by the delegates. 

CEIU:    The percentage rate remains at .730300%.  The dues are decided at the CEIU Conventions of delegates elected by the membership. 

Local:   Locals set their own deduction rates and this may vary from zero on up. Each member helps to decide the amount of the dues by voting during membership meetings.

Misc:     This fourth distribution on monthly dues is used for regional council dues which are determined by the annual meeting of Local Presidents or Representatives held in each region.

Here is an example of a monthly dues deduction for a Member classified as a PM-02 as of October 2010: 


Salary PM-02

















Local 00532






Misc (Ontario)












*Further clarification can always be provided through the National Office.

Regarding Dues

Departments and agencies are responsible for starting and stopping dues deductions. Arrears and refunds of dues are calculated by PSAC. When the employer fails to start the dues, arrears will be subject to collection and limited to one year’s dues, i.e. an amount equivalent to the current monthly rate of dues until the full amount owing is collected.  In the same perspective, the PSAC has a limit of one year for payment of dues refunds.

*PSAC pro-rates dues according to the ratio of the Part-time employee’s assigned hours to the full-time hours.

Address changes –  

PSAC now has a “change of address” form on the website ( Members can complete the form and submit it directly. The information will then be forwarded via E-Mail to the proper Component.  

 The other option is to send an e-mail directly to the following address:

3- How to read your Local Printout:

Listed are key points to help you understand your Membership Listing: 

*For further details, please link to : ‘’Reading the Computer Printout

4- Affiliations to Provincial Federations of Labour:

This is a reminder of the procedures to follow to affiliate to a Provincial Federation of Labour:

5- Affiliations to the District Labour Councils:

At the 1999 CEIU Triennial Convention, a resolution was adopted that CEIU National will cover part of the cost for the affiliation dues for Locals provided that they are also affiliated to the Federation of Labour.  This means that CEIU National will reimburse the Local for one-half of the affiliation dues to defray the costs of joining to a District Labour Council.  In order to qualify for this you must fill out the attached form and submit a receipt for the Labour Council dues paid by your Local. 

*The Registration form for Affiliations to the District Labour Councils can be found here.

6- Internet Subsidy:

The National Executive has approved financial support of up to $25 per month for your Local to have internet access.  The National Executive based this decision on a number of factors such as immediate access between Local members and their union Representatives or Elected Officers (independent of the departmental system) as a means of Local research, etc.  Following are the requirements to obtain this subsidy:

*The registration form for Internet Subsidy can be found here.

Please share this package with your Local Executive.  Should you require additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the National Office or your NVP.

In solidarity,

Steve McCuaig, National Executive Vice-President (
Danielle Chartrand, Assistant Finance and Administration (

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