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August 6, 2013

Harper Keeps Attacking the Unions

We have witnessed numerous ways that Harpers’ government has been using to attack our members rights: WFA through budget reduction, recent Tony Clement’s comments and a few private bills. Yes it is about our jobs, but it is also about serving Canadians. It is time to recoup and push back these attacks.


Harpers’ government reduced taxes to Canadians and mostly to big corporations; this had a huge impact on the budget. This created a deficit and Harpers’ government took this as an excuse to make cuts. There were at least 1,000 permanent positions directly lost amongst CEIU members because of WFA. That’s not counting many term positions departments could not afford anymore. The impact is 2 fold: service to Canadians will suffer and the workload of the “survivors” will be unbearable.

Lack of Respect

The top boss of public servants, Treasury Board President, Tony Clement showed clear disrespect to the workforce serving Canadians. During the public service week he characterized public servants as poor performers, sick leave abusers and spoiled retirees.

Union Busting

Harpers’ government is even using backbenchers for sideway attacks.  Bill C-377 was passed in the House of Commons, but the Senate asked for amendments. It would force unions into extraordinary reporting processes. Bill C-525 introduced at the end of the session would make federal workers more difficult to organize and easier to lose their union. These are additional tactics aside from getting rid of the Rand formula which could ultimately crush unions. Who would protect worker’s rights if not the unions?

What can be done?

The membership is the bedrock of the union. Like public servants are there to provide services to Canadians, the union is there to provide services to its membership. Still without membership support, the union cannot do it alone. With the on-going conservative attacks, unions and their membership need to band together in order to protect union rights, our rights. That’s why in response, PSAC is putting in motion a plan to push back these attacks.

As a 1st step, PSAC is inviting members to sign a pledge card today.  Have a look at PSAC video invitation. You can also contact your Local Executive, an NVP in your region, your CEIU Regional Union Office, or PSAC Regional Office for more information.

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