Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
November 25, 2013

Harper Keeps Attacking the Unions

Harper’s government continues attacking our members with the recent Bill C-4, a Budget Implementation Act. He is attacking on two fronts: changing health and safety laws and restricting collective bargaining rights.

By changing health and safety laws for workers under federal jurisdiction Harper’s government is weakening it. This will make federal workplaces more dangerous by making it more difficult for workers to refuse dangerous work.

By proposing amendments to federal labour laws Harper’s government is regressing and setting back workers’ rights 30 years. It will give the employer more power and will strip many safeguards that employees have gained throughout  the years.

Minister Clement will not budge on this despite the unions outcry.

You can learn more about this on the  PSAC Web site regarding health and safety issues and more on Bill C-4 itself. PSAC presents an analysis of the Budget Implementation Act. The Canadian Labour Congress is launching an online campaign on health and safety.

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