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November 27, 2013

“Good thing they’re not unionized!”

The minister of employment, Jason Kenny was glad that the employees of his office were not unionized when he posted on his Twitter account the sentence: “Good thing they’re not unionized!” He also added the tag #beststaffever.

Reference:  RCI Web site on November 19th:

After meeting with his staff late into the night, Canada’s Minister of Employment Jason Kenney tweeted “Good thing they’re not unionized!” just after midnight Tuesday morning (November 19).  About a half hour later it was deleted and the sentence about unionization removed”

French media also mentioned his Twitter message.

Even though his comment is linked to the staff at his office, this demonstrates his lack of respect towards unionized workers.  He should apologize.  He insulted millions of Canadians, basically the entire middle class, including over 16,000 of our members working at ESDC, CIC and the IRB.


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