Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
July 11, 2018


On June 12, 2018, members of the CEIU Ontario Locals 622/526 and PIPSC Quinte Branch celebrated this year’s National Public Service Week by presenting a petition for protesting ESDC’s handling of the Phoenix catastrophe.

“We, the undersigned, wish to petition the Office of the Assistant Deputy Minister concerning the grave condition of pay issuance and the legal obligation of the Employer to fulfill pay obligations for the workers at the offices under the responsibility of CEIU Locals 622/526 and PIPSC Quinte Branch.”

The petition continues on to outline how ESDC is failing to take responsibility for ensuring accurate and timely pay for its employees and has instead passed the buck to the Pay Centre. The petition emphasizes that ESDC is responsible for ensuring local management teams are properly resourced to attend to this crisis.

“… as employees of the Department, charged with core and essential services… we are not afforded sufficient time to manage our own pay issues during paid business hours … This represents a downloading of the cost of Phoenix onto workers…”

The Assistant Deputy Minister received the petition and signatures respectfully, and the Executives of the union locals have made clear their intent to continue to advocate at all opportunities presented with management.

The petition was signed by 87 members of CEIU and PIPSC, which was a great accomplishment as the locals had only four days to organize the petition. The petition was entirely the effort of the local union representatives of CEIU and PIPSC, and should stand as an example to all members of the power of reclaiming a local voice in protesting this national disgrace.

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