Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
April 6, 2016

Deputy Trustees have first face-to-face meeting in Ottawa

CEIU Deputy Trustees who were available met in Ottawa for a full day meeting on April 2nd, 2016 with CEIU Trustee, Chris Aylward[1], and CEIU Administrator, John Gordon[2] . The group discussed several issues including, the temporary processes that could be put into place in order to ensure financial accountability during the trusteeship and the roles and responsibilities of Deputy Trustees. Building on the constructive discussions, it was decided to commit to an ambitious calendar of bi-weekly teleconferences and monthly face to face meetings. The objective is to complete the work that needs to be done and to move the component out of trusteeship as quickly as possible. The meeting was productive, and the spirit of collaboration is evident amongst the deputy trustees to help build a stronger CEIU for the members.

Communications to the membership was identified as a priority, as well as engagement throughout this process. As soon as information is available, including regular updates and plans for moving forward, they will be posted on the CEIU website and sent to Local Presidents.

Brother Aylward reminded the Deputy Trustees that CEIU is their Component, and that it will be the Deputy Trustees and CEIU members who will lead the Component out of trusteeship.


Brother Aylward, National Vice-President of the PSAC was appointed Trustee by the PSAC National Board of Director on February 23, 2016.
[2] Brother Gordon, a past PSAC National President and past PSAC component president has been appointed as the CEIU Administrator and will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Component and its staff under the direction of the Trustee.

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