Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
February 19, 2013

CEIU Web Site Updates

CEIU is striving to better serve its membership. One way among others is that CEIU endeavours to ensure members have the information they need. To that end, we have added a few things recently on the Workforce Adjustment Appendix (WFA) and the occupational health and safety (OHS) sections.


In the WFA section pages, we added an additional Q & A “Mandatory Equipment as per WFAA”, mentioning that computer costs could count as an expense for the education allowance. It’s in the Opting Employees set of Q’s & A’s.


In addition to OHS Overview and The right to refuse dangerous work pages, we now have the Health and Safety References page. We added other Health and Safety References. These references are about the Canada Labour Code Part II, the NJC Occupational Health and Safety Directive, the PSAC Health and Safety Web page and also other external links that provide additional references on the matter. When serving on an occupation health and safety committee, they would definitely be part of your tool box.

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