Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
January 3, 2018

Updated! CEIU is pleased to announce the winners of our text messaging contest!

Sister Cindy Hay from the Alberta region won the Polaroid Snap Touch, and sister Isabelle St-Onge from the Quebec region won the GoPro!

Congratulations to our winners!

CEIU members are encouraged to continue staying in touch with their union by texting to (647)496-0575!


Here is a note and picture from Isabelle:

My new GoPro has arrived!

I must admit that I do not remember filling out the survey that enabled me to win this prize because I probably did it automatically to waste no time meeting a request from my union that always works very hard to represent us. I have been paying dues for the union cause for close to 19 years. I have gone through periods of resistance, strike votes, picketing and walkouts.

I now work virtually from Shawinigan within a national team including employees who live in Toronto, Vancouver and other cities where the cost of living is much higher and the role of the union takes on its full meaning. If I could leave a message to new employees – the next generation – I would ask them to continue to improve our gains based on our past struggles and demands. Taking the time to assess events in a perspective broader than their individual position would be a good start.

I am very happy to have won a GoPro since my family and I love travelling and it will be put to great use. When I opened the package and saw the value of the prize and all the accessories included, I reflected that, not surprisingly, my union had gone all out as usual!


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