Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
June 15, 2016

CEIU Deputy Trustees met in Ottawa

As agreed upon at the end of the last in person meeting held May 3-4, 2016, the Deputy Trustees focused their attention on the structure of CEIU, and spent the
greater part of June 7th reviewing the national by-laws. Ensuring a consistent understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the members of the CEIU National Executive, the group proceeded to draft several proposals for structural reform. It was decided that some proposals would be reviewed both for financial and bylaw implications by a smaller sub-committee consisting of Deputy Trustees, who would be prepared to report back at the next in person meeting.

The group discussed issues affecting the members, including updates on the
PSAC’s discussions with the employer regarding the Phoenix pay system. An update was also provided regarding the Employment Insurance Service Quality Review, and the role that the CEIU Deputy Trustees as well as the members of CEIU will play in the consultation process.

Over their lunch hour on June 8th, the Deputy Trustees participated in the
PSAC national day of action in Ottawa, joining members of our union across
Canada to support our bargaining team.
The Deputy Trustees had a lengthy discussion regarding the next steps of
achieving structural and administrative reform in CEIU, in a manner that
would best serve the members. Consideration for regional, departmental, and portfolio representation were at the forefront of discussions. Fundamentally, the Deputy Trustees want to ensure a stronger, more united component that better serves the members of CEIU as we emerge from trusteeship.

The next in person meeting of the Deputy Trustees is set for July 13-14, 2016 Minutes of these meetings, once available, will be sent to the locals.

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