Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
March 3, 2016

CEIU Deputy Trustees Appointed

A small number of Deputy Trustees has initially been appointed to ensure that CEIU
members continue to receive assistance and representation. Additional Deputy Trustees will be appointed as required.

Deputy Trustees will report directly to CEIU Trustee Chris Aylward and someone will be appointed to assist the Trustee in overseeing the day-to-day operations of CEIU.

A letter from the PSAC National President will be sent to all CEIU locals shortly with more information about the Trusteeship. The Trustee has received a great deal of correspondence from the CEIU membership and is endeavoring to respond as quickly as possible. Any CEIU members requiring assistance or representation should contact their National Union Representative (CEIU staff) whose contact information is available on this website or any of the appointed Deputy Trustees listed below.

The following CEIU members have been appointed as Deputy Trustees:

Crystal Warner – BC/Yukon
Cell: (778) 708-2534

Mike Brecht – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, NWT and Nunavut
Cell (306) 514-7897

Sebastien Rodrigues – Ontario and Human Rights Issues
Cell: (647) 607-5226

Norm Murray – Ontario and IRB
Cell: (647) 938-7899

Margarita Faundez – National Capital Region
Cell: (613) 869-7103

Fabienne Jean-François – Quebec
Cell: (514) 708-7276

Cathy Morneau – Quebec and Women’s Issues Eastern Canada
Cell: (514) 506-7776

Theresa Macinnis – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador
Cell: (902) 227-8393

Paul Croes – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Cell: (604) 329-0600

Christine Walker – Women’s Issues Western Canada

Marco Angeli – under the direction of the Trustee
Bus/bur: (613) 236-9634
Cell: (613) 867-2348

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