Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
March 5, 2010

Budget 2010 – Tories map out worsening future for members and the public

Yesterday, the Tories froze departmental budgets for two years and left open the possibility of future attacks on pensions for public sector workers. To learn the full effect of this budget, CEIU members must be alert to developments in the coming months. Here’s why.

Consider workloads. Members are already straining under the weight of current workloads and the two year freeze on departmental budgets will make this worse. With no new money, wage and administrative cost increases must be squeezed out of the already inadequate departmental budgets. With the extension of the worksharing program and extended EI benefits, members at Service Canada can look forward to doing even more with even less. Members at CIC and the IRB can anticipate a similar future and doing more with less will, as always, result in the public facing a decline in the quality of public services.

Consider pensions. The Tories promise a review of all pensions and the entire retirement security system. We will need to be involved to ensure that no future attacks on our superannuation plan are launched as a result of this review. In addition, we need to be active to ensure that a secure retirement is available for all Canadians.

In the throne speech, a review of the refugee determination process was announced. We will need to be vigilant to ensure that our members at the IRB are fully protected during and after this process and that Canada lives up to its international obligations to refugee claimants.

CEIU will carry out a closer review of the budget documents and the union’s national executive will take up the issue at its upcoming meeting in March.

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