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July 18, 2013

Alternation, Still an Issue

As we mentioned on our Web site on April 18, PSAC won a significant victory before the Public Service Labour Relations Board (PSLRB) on a major issue in the Work Force Adjustment Appendix.  PSAC Web site tells us more about this decision from PSLRB.

However in some workplaces, there are still some managers in the regions who resist.

In its decision, PSLRB recognized that participating in the alternation process means there must be a genuine willingness by the employer to assist employees seeking to alternate and must consider proposed alternations within the framework of the Work Force Adjustment Appendix (WFAA). The only grounds management can turn down a proposed alternation are:

CEIU affected/opting members have seen some progress on that matter, but we still hear alternation request denials that do not fit the 2 grounds mentioned by PSLRB.

If ever you face a denial, ask your manager to provide you with his/her reasons in writing. Even if the reasons meet the 2 grounds, you should persevere as long as you are in the 120 day opting period. On the other hand, if you feel that you were entitled for an alternation, contact your Local Executive, an NVP in your region or your CEIU Regional Union Office for advice. You should also answer the PSAC survey to help the union set up as many alternation opportunities as possible.

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