Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
June 22, 2012

A thank you note to Sister Kamla Ishmael

I wish to send a special thank you to Sister Kamla Ishmael, who held the position of National Vice-President for Women’s Issues for the Ontario/Headquarters regions.  Having now transferred to another union due to a departmental restructuring CEIU has lost a true union activist.

Sister Ishmael worked hard in her role as NVP.  With the Ontario Women’s Committee, back in October 2011, she facilitated a weekend looking at the importance of political action for women and practical ways to carry this out.  She worked hard in trying to engage members to put political pressure on Harper in order to save public services and jobs for our members.

A truly remarkable woman, Sister Ishmael devoted herself to the two regions that she represented as well as throughout her CEIU family.  Bubbly and full of energy, she will be missed by all.

The Government Services Union is lucky to have Sister Ishmael join their Component.   There is no doubt that Sister Ishmael will be a welcomed addition to her new union family at GSU.

I take this time to wish Sister Kamla well in her personal as well as in her professional life.

CEIU welcomes Sister Brenda MacKinnon, who had been elected as the 1st Alternate NVP for Women’s Issues and who now replaces Sister Ishmael in the position of National Vice-President, Women’s Issues for the Ontario/Headquarters regions.

In Solidarity,

Don Rogers
National President

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