Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
November 9, 2010

Support for Compensation Advisors

The government decision to shift Compensation Advisor jobs to Miramichi, New Brunswick has raised major concerns for members in these positions as well as broader worries about pay administration in the public service. CEIU National President Jeannette Meunier-McKay has reiterated her support for the steps being taken by the PSAC to ensure the rights of Compensation Advisors are respected.

The PSAC has filed a policy grievance against the Treasury Board to make certain that there is full consultation over the planned move of work to Miramichi, and is committed to holding the government to its promise that no compensation staff will face losing their job. “We have supported this position from the outset,” said Meunier-McKay, “and we will continue to press for an outcome that respects Compensation Advisors and the thousands of public service employees who depend on their services.”


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