Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
November 2, 2006

Notice for members working variable hours or shifts – pay for work on holidays

Members on variable hours (AWA) who are scheduled to work on designated paid holidays should check that they are paid correctly. If they are not, the PSAC has provided an effective way to challenge the employer’s actions.

The problem arises when a member is scheduled to work more than 7.5 hours on a designated paid holiday. If, for example, a member is scheduled to work 10 hours, the pay entitlement is (a) his or her regular pay for the day, and (b) 10 hours at the rate of time and one half. Despite union victories at adjudication and the Federal Court, some departments continue to calculate the pay entitlement so that members do not, following this example, receive 15 hours of additional pay (10 hours x 1.5).

In response, the PSAC has proposed that locals file group grievances to cover all members who have not received their appropriate pay for any given holiday. The details of the PSAC plan are set out in a document titled Compensation for Work on a Designated Paid Holiday. More help with this issue is available from your CEIU regional union office.

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