Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
April 4, 2005

Case Review: your reliability status and your job

All government employees must pass a security screening as a condition of employment, but once done, members rarely give the matter any further thought. This can be a serious mistake because if you lose your security status, you can lose your job. This, unfortunately, was the recent outcome for a CEIU member.

The case involved a member who gave information obtained from the Easy Access Employment Insurance database to an unauthorized individual. For this she received a disciplinary suspension of 10 days. But the matter did not end there. The employer then carried out a security investigation which resulted in her reliability status being revoked. With her reliability status revoked, the focus turned to her employment status. Since she had lost the minimum security status required to hold any job with the government, she was immediately terminated.

Members must avoid giving the employer reasonable cause to believe that they might "…steal valuables, exploit assets entrusted to him or her, or exhibit behaviour that would reflect negatively on their reliability." Members do this intuitively, but it is wise to stay sharp about this requirement. Failure to do so can come at a high price.

The full grievance adjudication decision in this case is available here.

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